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Pricing and Shipping Policy


Pricing Information

Prices are subject to change without notice on all items listed in our online catalog.   We do our very best to keep the online information current but this world moves at approximately 67,000 mph and it's tough to keep up sometimes.   If you see a mistake, please notify us.  If we see a mistake, hopefully we can change before you notice.  


Bicycles cannot be shipped due to dealer contracts set up by the  various bicycle manufacturers.  This is to maintain the highest level of  customer service with a one-on-one customer/salesperson relationship.   We want to ensure that your new bicycle is properly sized and receives  the correct adjustments before leaving the store.  You may purchase a bicycle online and pick it up at our store.  


Occasionally problems occur with shipped products.  We are pleased to accept returns within 30 days as long as the item is new and includes the original packaging.  In the event the item is defective and requires manufacturer warranty consideration, please call us.  Sometimes the manufacturer will require the item returned for evaluation and sometimes they prefer that the item is field destroyed.  Either way, we can handle the return for you. Bikes, skis, snowboards, and clearance items are not returnable.

Out of Stock & Backorders

Every once in a while, products may unexpectedly be out of stock or unavailable.  This is unlikely though because the items that we sell online happen to be our most popular in-store items too.  So, if the item is out of stock, we messed up.  We will notify you by email if this is the case and hopefully find a suitable substitute for you. 

In-Store Pickups

We are open Monday - Saturday and most products will be available for pickup the same day.  Please call for current availability.

Privacy Policy


When you visit our site, we do not collect your name, e-mail address,  or any other personal information unless you voluntarily provide it to  us.  We may set "cookies" to facilitate site navigation and to personalize your experience on our site.  We do not partner with or have special relationships with any advertising-server companies.  The  information we collect is used to improve the content of our website and  to notify customers about Gemini Bicycle Center news and current events. This  electronic information is never shared with other organizations.  To receive occasional e-mail updates from Gemini Bicycle Center, please  subscribe .  You can easily unsubscribe at any time.  You  can verify, update, or correct any information that we maintain about you by contacting us by e-mail, telephone, or writing.